SuperValu Westport launch 21 Day Dry Aged Beef to Butcher Counter

SuperValu Westport

SuperValu Westport is going from strength to strength. Last year the Kavanagh Group undertook a complete overhaul of the store with a significant capital investment. The end result delivered a state-of-the-art supermarket in the heart of Westport or as one customer put it “The shop now feels more like a food hall then a supermarket”. SuperValu Westport takes great pride on being the best in fresh and the new store certainly doesn’t disappoint.  

As part of the refurbishment there has been various new additions to the store including a new Dry Aged Beef offering at the meat counter. Butcher, Tom Scott, is delighted to introduce the premium product to their already extensive offering. Tom says ‘we are thrilled to launch Dry Aged Beef to our customers in Westport. The Irish Hereford Beef of Ribeye and T-Bone Steaks are so tender and flavorsome. If you are into your steaks these are a must try!’

The very best of butchery craftsmanship is used throughout the traditional maturing process to create exceptionally tender beef. Dry Aged Beef is meat which is hung to dry for 21 days. The process changes the beef by allowing the moisture to evaporate from the muscle. The end result provides a greater concentration of beef flavour and taste. A new refrigeration unit has been installed in the Westport store to accommodate the meat. The new Dry Aged Beef lends itself to anyone who might fancy trying some fine dining at home.

Another exciting offering by the meat counter team is the new Freshly Prepared by our Butcher range of ready to cook meats and dishes which are seasoned and ready for oven cooking. The choice varies daily and includes Burgers, Chicken Breasts, Stir-Fry’s, Cottage Pie plus many more wholesome options. The dishes are seasonal and will move into BBQ options as the weather improves. The new offering is proving really popular and is example of the different offering customers can expect from SuperValu verses their competitors and champions their best in fresh mantra.

The online service of SuperValu Westport which offers delivery and click and collect services has grown significantly over the last 12 months. To meet demand the Kavanagh Group recently announced its expansion which now offers 55 daily delivery slots around Westport and the surrounding areas. A scheduled route operates and extends to areas such as Louisburgh, Corragaun, Cullen, Formoyle, Islandeady and many more! The delivery van delivers to specific areas on specific days. If you are not familiar with their delivery route the advice is to log in online and enter your delivery address and you will see what days deliveries are in your area. SuperValu deliver to Westport +3km every day. Click and Collect slots are available everyday between 11am and 8pm.