Supervalu say almost €8 million has been invested into sustainability initiatives across its stores

SuperValu has disclosed that a total of €7.9 million has been dedicated to sustainability endeavors across its stores in the past six months.

Out of this €7.9 million, €4.1 million was obtained from a significant sustainability fund introduced by Musgrave in June 2022. Additionally, independent SuperValu retailers contributed €3.8 million, matching the investment.

One of the stores benefiting from this fund was SuperValu Westport, which implemented various sustainability initiatives. These included upgrading to LED lighting, enhancing refrigeration and freezer systems, and installing electronic shelf edge labels (eSELs).

As a result of these measures, the store in Mayo has successfully reduced its carbon emissions by 43%. Furthermore, plans are underway to introduce additional sustainability initiatives throughout 2023.

Liam Campion, the store manager at SuperValu Westport, expressed their unwavering commitment to contributing to climate action, as he conveyed to Midwest News.


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